DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5645] Optimization-only basis dirs that don't affect itemization

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Sat Oct 4 20:45:45 GMT 2008

------- Comment #2 from matt at  2008-10-04 15:45 CST -------
To clarify, I propose splitting --copy-dest=DIR and --link-dest=DIR into two
variants, one that means purely "use DIR as an optimization" and another that
means purely "regard DIR as the previous version of the destination".  The
first variant could be named --{,link-}basis-dir and the second could keep the
name --{copy,link}-dest, or the second could adopt a new name for backward

The first variant would have no effect on rsync's itemization (except to change
"<" or ">" to "c" or "h" when appropriate) or on the resulting destination
contents (except for hard links outside the destination).

The second variant would give essentially the same result as copying DIR to the
destination with "cp -a" ("-l" in the case of --link-dest) and then running
rsync, except that --link-dest would avoid tweaking attributes in DIR
regardless of --no-tweak-hlinked (see bug 4561).  In particular, it would
itemize deletions with respect to DIR when --delete is on (as in bug 5263) and
would copy/hard-link extraneous files from DIR to the destination when --delete
is off.  The proposal of this last bit of behavior on the list inspired me to
make this clarification:

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