Question on "Resource temporarily unavailable" error

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Fri Oct 3 16:08:10 GMT 2008

Thanks for the tip.  The destination is on a fibre channel array.  I'm able
to replicate the issue when trying to rsync locally and I get a read error.
I'm wondering if it is a hardware issue.  I'm deleting the file and letting
rsync recreate it...then I'll see if the issue occurs again.  You're
probably right, it may be a hardware issue.


On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 14:20 -0600, Rob Bosch wrote:
> 2008/09/30 12:09:55 [12508] rsync: write failed on "/EDrive/testfile.edb"
> (in Test.Backup):Resource temporarily unavailable (11)

That error is coming from the destination filesystem.  What happens if
you copy the files to another place on the destination machine and then
locally (using rsync or another tool) to the directory that is giving
the errors?  If the /EDrive/testfile.edb path is on a network
filesystem, see if the network filesystem has logged any errors or try
taking it out of the loop by rsyncing directly to the machine holding
the destination files.


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