rsync - umlauts and length of file name

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Fri Nov 28 16:03:25 GMT 2008

Hi - I have implemented an rsync script that runs on a Leopard OS X  
system and backup the local host itself, plus 2 remote machines -  
another Leopard machine and a Win XP laptop. The remote backups are  
performed by connection to an rsync daemon. I'm using rsync 3.0.4 with  
a few extension for the Mac OS X side.

When doing the backup of the XP box I see these error messages:

28/11/2008 15:47:16 mdworker[1065] (Warning) Import: Bad path:/Volumes/ 

rsync: readlink_stat("/XXXXXXXX/My Documents/Work/archive/projects/ 
LFAB/LFAB SpeechDial & Help Desk/on LL/Tuning/ 
lfab-SE151.SpeechDM_FullName.log.SpeechDM_FullName.oog" (in Profiles))  
failed: File name too long (91)

I assume the file name length limit is coming from the OS X system but  
how can I ensure that special characters like German umlauts, are  
transferred correctly?


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