Delete source folder?

Jeroen van der Vegt jeroen.van.der.vegt at
Wed Nov 26 17:33:13 GMT 2008

Hello all,

We're using rsync to move files from a server to a client (an embedded
device, connected over GPRS) using a cron script on the client. To
accomplish this, we use the --delete-source-files option.  As I found in the
archives, this doesn't remove any folders. Is there a way to have rsync
remove the folders as well?

As all data flows over the internet, we encrypt it using an SSH tunnel. This
tunnel is setup once, and then reused for several rsync sessions, like this:
rsync --port <forwarded local port> localhost::share/* /tmp/source/

That rules out any --rsync-path= trickery, right?

The reason we'd like to reuse the SSH tunnel is that we need a tunnel anyway
for other tools, and SSH-authentication is rather slow (it takes about 10
seconds). This make something like "rsync -e 'ssh user at remotehost'" even

The client is using rsync 3.0.4 on a custom Linux kernel and ARM platform.
The server uses rsync 2.6.9 (but could be upgraded if required) on a stock
x86 Linux kernel.


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