chdir / chroot after pre-xfer ?

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Wed Nov 19 21:13:41 GMT 2008


I am trying to configure rsyncd to mount destination encrypted FS  
(using EncFS) before syncing.

In my rsyncd.conf :

path = /home/dest
pre-xfer exec = sleep 30 ; echo mypassword | encfs -S /home/ 
encrypteddir /home/dest ; sleep 30

(I have put "sleep 30" instructions just to make some tests)

/home/encrypteddir is correctly mounted by rsyncd to /home/dest
But rsyncd make a chdir() to /home/dest before executing pre-xfer.
I can see that rsyncd is already in the folder before pre-xfer doing :
lsof /home/dest
So during syncing, rsyncd does not see the content of /home/ 
encrypteddir mounted, but the content of local /home/dest.

Could it be possible to change this ?

Could it be possible to force rsyncd to do the chdir() after pre-xfer ?

Thank you very much,

Best regards,


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