Looking for a Comprehensive list of error codes

David Overton david at overtons.id.au
Tue Nov 18 23:31:23 GMT 2008


You could look at the EXIT CODES section of the rsync(1) man page,
e.g. at http://www.samba.org/ftp/rsync/rsync.html.  However, this only
details exit codes from rsync itself, it doesn't mention exit code 255
which I think is actually coming from ssh.  The ssh(1) man page says
that ssh will return 255 if an error occurred and I have seen this
exit code returned by rsync when there is an ssh error.  Can anyone
confirm whether rsync is actually passing through the error code from
ssh, or if there is some other undocumented reason for it returning
255?  Are there any other codes that might be returned that aren't in
the man page?


2008/11/19 John Macon <johnmacon-dallas at hotmail.com>:
> Good Afternoon,
> I have been looking for a comprehensive list of error codes that are
> returned by rsync for a script that I am writing.  I have searched Ggoogle
> and Yahoo! and I have found out the following:
> 4 = action not supported
> 5 = wrong password
> 10 = socket IO error
> 11 = file IO error
> 12 = broken connection
> 23 = file(s) couldn't be transferred
> 255 = unspecified error
> Is there anywhere that I can find other error codes for rsync?
> I am writing a script that will upload/sync all files/folders from a
> particular domain to a CDN with a click of a button.  I need to build as
> much intelligence into the script as possible and I am hoping to be able to
> translate all error codes to an end-user readable format so that the
> end-user can provide ample information if/when something goes wrong (at
> least more than "It doesn't work").
> Thanks for your help.
> John
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