Looking for a Comprehensive list of error codes

John Macon johnmacon-dallas at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 18 20:11:20 GMT 2008

Good Afternoon,

I have been looking for a comprehensive list of error codes that are returned by rsync for a script that I am writing.  I have searched Ggoogle and Yahoo! and I have found out the following:

4 = action not supported
5 = wrong password
10 = socket IO error
11 = file IO error
12 = broken connection
23 = file(s) couldn't be transferred
255 = unspecified error

Is there anywhere that I can find other error codes for rsync?

I am writing a script that will upload/sync all files/folders from a particular domain to a CDN with a click of a button.  I need to build as much intelligence into the script as possible and I am hoping to be able to translate all error codes to an end-user readable format so that the end-user can provide ample information if/when something goes wrong (at least more than "It doesn't work").

Thanks for your help.

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