--link-dest but only if rsync detects differences

Daniel Jarboe daniel.ml.spam at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 20:07:12 GMT 2008

> I don't believe there is any better way than the two you have suggested:
> run and delete if there were no changes, or check first with -n.  Note
> that with the first approach, you don't need a separate diff command;
> you can just use -i and check whether the itemize output is nonempty.
> Matt
I see, something like this to remove an equivalent backup after rsync

rsync -ai --link-dest=../backup.previous/  source/ backup.next/ | grep -qv
'^cd+++++++++' || rm -r backup.next/

Similar to reading --stats to clean up or run again without -n.  Likewise it
will miss empty directory changes (created or removed), but that's really
not a problem for me.

Thanks for taking the time to consider it and the suggestions.
~ Daniel
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