DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3925] rsync is unable to sync large (approx 4G) sparse files

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Fri Nov 14 02:27:52 GMT 2008

------- Comment #7 from pvf at  2008-11-13 20:27 CST -------
Hello again!

I'm not sure if the "nice" way to define them is as ints

I would check what do they exactly mean, and leave them as size_t or make them
OFF_T. If they relate to a buffer position or funcion handling size_ts, leave
them as size_t. However if they relate to file positions, I think they should
be OFF_Ts.

Anyway, I think they definitely should not be ints, as they are not going to
get any negative value and you are efectively halving the range in trade of

However this is just my point of view, and I'm quite sure nobody needs a
programming course here, so if you think ints are the way to go I'm not going
to cry :)

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