Problem with extended ACLs in 3.0.4?

Andrew Gideon c182driver1 at
Mon Nov 10 03:52:01 GMT 2008

On Sun, 02 Nov 2008 16:10:23 -0500, Matt McCutchen wrote:

> Fixing this in a way that works with all combinations of mask-requiring
> and non-mask-requiring systems will take some care.

Any thoughts on this?  The code has changed significantly from when I did 
my futzing around in 2.6.2, so - even if I did manage to be helpful - it 
wouldn't be quick.

Also, I don't have "all".  Though: who does?

I do have some systems running either CentOS/Redhat 4 or 5.  I do have 
one CentOS 3 system, and I've also some older Solaris (8) machines 
sitting around.

	- Andrew

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