[RSync] Re: rsync for the brave

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Mon Nov 10 00:50:00 GMT 2008

Matt McCutchen wrote:
> I'm surprised that the exclude doesn't work.  Could you post your whole
> rsync command line so I can see if anything else might be interfering?
    Keep in mind that this is the Win32 ported version (cwRsync) that 
I'm using.

    "C:\Program Files\cwRsync\bin\rsync.exe" -arvz --progress --partial \
     --delete --delete-excluded --exclude="Network Trash Folder"        \
     --filter=". C:\Program Files\cwRsync\filter.txt"                   \
     --log-file="C:\Program Files\cwRsync\AbyssI.txt"                   \
     /cygdrive/f/ /cygdrive/y/

    I've tried adding it to the command line (see above), and when that 
failed, I moved it into the filter.txt file instead:

        C:\Program Files\cwRsync>type filter.txt
        - .*
        - ICON*
        - RECYCLE*
        - System Volume Information
        - Temporary Items
        - TheFindByContentFolder
        - TheVolumeSettingsFolder
        - Network Trash Folder
        - msdownld.tmp

        C:\Program Files\cwRsync>

    I'm not using both at the same time, it's either the command line, 
or filter.txt file.  Neither seem to work.  What rsync is telling me is 
that it wants to DELETE the copy that's on the Y: drive (since it 
doesn't exist on the F: drive).  However, I need it to ignore that 
folder all together, don't bother copying, don't bother deleting.  But I 
can't simply remove the --delete* options from the command line because 
I DO want it to delete OTHER FILES ... just ignore that one specific folder.

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