Windows client

Dave Markham dave.markham at
Wed Nov 5 14:02:28 GMT 2008

Stuart Halliday wrote:
> Google Cwrsync.
> V3 is there as well as a new experiment build of Cygwin 1.7 which finally
> supports long filenames/paths under ntfs and UTF-8 filenames at last!
Is anyone using this in earnest at all?

I got it working in a test environment from a solaris unix server 
requesting files from an windows xp machine.

I also managed to get it working using ssh

I now need to improve on the base setting stuff by putting some security 
in and was wondering what people had done? Currently i can rsync or 
actually ssh to the windows machine once i have ssh and rsync running as 
services and i dont want the ability for all the windows file system to 
be seen or traversed.


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