Thorough distributed backup/sync strategy

Henri S henri at
Mon Nov 3 05:27:37 GMT 2008

LBackup probably will meet your needs. 
Also, Link-Backup may come close.

Hope this helps.

Disclaimer: I am a developer on the LBackup project.  

Matthew Monaco <dgbaley27 at> writes:
>Does anyone have a good distributed backup strategy?  I've been revising
>mine for a year or so now and always realize there's some hole or
>another in it.  I get the feeling to do it exactly the way I want it
>needs to be complex, but I'm looking for something elegant.
>My data consists of some of these representative folders:
>And these devices:
>My main (linux) computer
>A share on a windows computer
>An ext3 external disk attached to my main computer
>A remote linux computer (ssh)
>And some usb flash drives
>At the root of each device should be an up-to-date copy of my data.  But
>for some devices like the usb sticks, I don't want to include music.
>I'd like to be able to take advantage of hardlinks on the devices that
>support them to have snapshots.
>Each device should have a folder called SNAPSHOTS (or something) with a
>list of folders (SNAPSHOTS/$date) containing either snapshots on devices
>that support links and backup data on devices that don't.
>For devices that don't support hardlinks I'd like to keep backups of
>some data but not others.
>For devices like the usb sticks I'd like to avoid keeping up backups of
>some data I'd otherwise want to backup.
>For data like Music, I don't want to make deletions, from the large
>devices like the external drive.
>For data like my firefox profile I'd like to have a full backup in each
>of the SNAPSHOT/$date directory on devices without hardlinks.  But I
>don't want the Cache folder to show up in any of these.
>I'm sure there's more but I'm tired (and frustrated) right now.
>Thanks for your suggestions!
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