Rsync from a third host?

Matt McCutchen matt at
Mon Nov 3 05:04:30 GMT 2008

On Sun, 2008-11-02 at 20:50 -0800, kbrault wrote:
> Host-C: External Backup host. Only has rsync daemon available to us via
> RSSH. SFTP but no shell or cron. OpenSSH 4.3. Debian Linux
> Host-B: Our server. Has OpenSSh 3.9 (for now). Centos 4.5 Linux
> Host-A: External Web host. Has cron, shell, rsync daemon and client but very
> limited disk space. OpenSSH 4.3. Debian Linux
> Apparently there is an issue with OpenSSh 3.9, rsync and OpenSSH 4.3 and we
> cannot push from Host-B to Host-C.
> I was looking at pulling from OpenSSH 3.9 with openSSH 4.3 and pushing to
> OpenSSH 4.3 with rsync on Host-A. This maybe asking alot but I thought I
> give it a try.

I see.  I wonder if we can fix the issue with the push from Host-B to
Host-C since that would seem to be the most straightforward approach.
What exactly goes wrong when you attempt this push?

If we can't fix that incompatibility, there may be a way to get Host-B
to push to Host-C without hitting it.  E.g., if you have an OpenSSH 4.3
machine Host-D on a trusted network with Host-B, then you could set up
an xinetd service on Host-D that invokes the daemon-over-ssh on Host-C
and then have Host-B connect to that xinetd service without using the
OpenSSH 3.9 at all.


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