Rsync from a third host?

kbrault kbrault at
Mon Nov 3 04:50:02 GMT 2008

Thank you for the quick response.

Here is were we are....

Host-C: External Backup host. Only has rsync daemon available to us via
RSSH. SFTP but no shell or cron. OpenSSH 4.3. Debian Linux
Host-B: Our server. Has OpenSSh 3.9 (for now). Centos 4.5 Linux
Host-A: External Web host. Has cron, shell, rsync daemon and client but very
limited disk space. OpenSSH 4.3. Debian Linux

Apparently there is an issue with OpenSSh 3.9, rsync and OpenSSH 4.3 and we
cannot push from Host-B to Host-C.

I was looking at pulling from OpenSSH 3.9 with openSSH 4.3 and pushing to
OpenSSH 4.3 with rsync on Host-A. This maybe asking alot but I thought I
give it a try.

Notes: I have a test box running Centos 5 with OpenSSH 4.3 and it works
pushing to Host-C. It also works as the source when pulling with Host-B the
Centos 4.5 box with OpenSSH 3.9. I have not tested the other way around yet.

Thanks for our help,


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