rsync using wildcard (*) character

Meeaz zaeem.masood at
Fri May 30 15:32:18 GMT 2008

Thanks a lot Matt!

All files are transferring now. It however shows an error as follows:-

rsync: failed to set permissions on "/var/log/Wlog/TEST/.": Operation not
permitted (1)

Please advise

Matt McCutchen-7 wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-05-29 at 12:07 -0700, Meeaz wrote:
>> If I run the following command using include option, it does not copy the
>> first file from under "/opt/bea/test " directory
>> rsync -arv --include /opt/bea/test/z* ddef at rclok95:/var/log/Wlog/TEST
>> Note that the rest of the files are copied. Where am I going wrong?
> Do this:
> rsync -arv --include='/z*' --exclude='/*' /opt/bea/test/
> ddef at rclok95:/var/log/Wlog/TEST
> Include/exclude rules do not take the place of source arguments
> like /opt/bea/test/ ; rather, they make rsync skip some of the files
> specified by the source arguments.  All an "include" rule does is
> override later "exclude" rules.  Thus, the literal meaning of the
> command above is to send all of /opt/bea/test/ but skip all top-level
> files that do not begin with "z", which amounts to what you want.  See
> the "FILTER RULES" section of the man page for much more information.
> Your command sent most of the files because you let the shell expand the
> wildcard; the first file became the include pattern (which had no
> effect) and the rest became source arguments.  Prevent the shell from
> doing that by quoting the wildcard.
> Matt
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