-4 / -ipv4 doesn't work

Gijs Molenaar gijs.molenaar at surfnet.nl
Fri May 30 10:20:24 GMT 2008


I try to connect to a host that has IPv4 and IPv6, but IPv6 is currently
blocked by ACL's. My host also has IPv6 and IPv4. When I pass the -4 or
--ipv4 option to rsync, it doesn't pass it to ssh:

$ rsync -4 -r -v -v -v -v -l --del . SOMEUSER at SOMEHOST:SOMEPATH
cmd= machine=SOMEHOST user=SOMEUSER path=SOMEPATH
cmd[0]=ssh cmd[1]=-l cmd[2]=SOMEUSER cmd[3]=SOMEHOST cmd[4]=rsync
cmd[5]=--server cmd[6]=-vvvvlr cmd[7]=--delete-during cmd[8]=.
opening connection using ssh -l SOMEUSER SOMEHOST rsync --server -vvvvlr
--delete-during . SOMEPATH

<nothing happens>

I tried version 2.6.9 (ubuntu) and 3.0.2 (fedora 9), both have the same
result. Is it me or is this unwanted behaviour? When I ssh to the
machine using -4, I can log in.

Gijs Molenaar
gijs.molenaar at surfnet.nl
fingerprint C660 BABA 4B91 4B5C EB60 7739 4385 8ABA 72EE 99CA

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