rsync using wildcard (*) character

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Thu May 29 14:10:11 GMT 2008

the lines in the file specified to --files-from are actual file names and not patterns so if you want all files starting with xyz then you must specify them all.

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  We are using rsync version 2.6.3 and do not intend to upgrade to the latest version. I am using the following command:- rsync -arv --files-from=./myfile /app/dd/gesb user at rrslx905:/var/log/hhsb I want to mention the file list in the "myfile" as follows:- ABCD/cdef/xyz* (Considering there are more than one files existing with names beginning with xyz) Once I try to transfer files using rsync using the command above, I get an error saying rsync: link_stat "ABCD/cdef/xyz*" failed: No such file or directory (2) Shouldnt it read all the files with names beginning with xyz and start transferring? Please help 

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