File corruptions with rsync version 2.6.9 on 64-bit openSUSE 10.3

Herve Pages hpages at
Thu May 22 01:43:26 GMT 2008


An update on this: we might have an hardware problem.

After moving our internal package repository to another machine with the
same OS, same patch level, same rsync version and same hardware, we don't
observe file corruptions anymore.
We've tried different versions of rsync on the broken machine (2.6.9, 3.0.2
and 2.6.6) with different options (--whole-file and --ignore-times) and we
always ended up with a few corrupted files on the remote machine (the
Then we discovered that running md5sum on the local files at different moments
was producing different results even though no process/job was supposed to
modify those files in the meantime (and the timestamps were confirming this).
Some files would have an abnormal md5sum and look corrupted for a few minutes
and then be back to their normal md5sum and look fine again.
All the files are on a hardware RAID10 made of 4 disks of 230GB each and our
IT guys are starting to suspect it.

I'll post here again when we know more...


Kyle Lanclos wrote:
> Are you experiencing hardware problems? While disk problems usually show
> up in a log somewhere, something like memory or CPU problems ususally do
> not on Linux systems.
> I've had at least two systems manifest CPU problems in the form of random
> I/O corruption.
> --Kyle

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