Status of --ignorcase option in main tree/build?

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Mon May 19 07:39:52 GMT 2008

>* If you use --delete-before or --delete-during, rsync will delete FOO
>as extraneous and then copy foo.  The overall effect is to
>(inefficiently) update the case of destination files, which may be
>desirable.  If you change the case of a destination file by hand to work
>around case sloppiness in a program (see
> ) and don't want
>rsync to reverse your change, you can use a protect filter to block the
>individual deletion.
>With --ignore-case, the patched version of rsync will leave FOO alone
>regardless of the delete mode.  --ignore-case also makes filter matching

Is there a way that rsync will find different case files in destination and will
update the filename without copying the whole file? Kind of a special case of
the "find existing" patch. This is something that might be useful even on
case-sensitive filesystems as on linux. As only the case has changed
it may be a lot easier to implement than a full search for the file.

bye  Fabi

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