Some files vanished...

Lasse Kliemann lasse-rsync-2008 at
Sun May 18 10:04:29 GMT 2008

* Message by -lewis butler- from Sun 2008-05-18:
> I run an rsync to backup my mail server ever 4 hours.  Sometimes, I get 
> these sorts of warnings:
> Rsyncing...
> file has vanished: 
> "/usr/local/virtual/*munged1*/new/1210876129.43402_0.mail.server.tld"
> file has vanished: 
> "/usr/local/virtual/*munged2*/courierimapkeywords/.4036254.1210876052.43312_0.mail.server.tld"
> file has vanished: 
> "/usr/local/virtual/*munged3*/cur/1210869474.40181_0.mail.server.tld:2,"
> file has vanished: 
> "/usr/local/virtual/*munged3*/new/1210875706.43197_0.mail.server.tld"

> Is there anything I can do to have rsync work on a instantaneous snapshot 
> so these files don't even up getting moved out from under the backup 
> process?

AFAIK there is nothing that rsync or any other userland program could 
possibly do to get a filesystem snapshot without help from the operating 
system. Operating systems, however, usually offer filesystem snapshots. 
Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux (via LVM) offer filesystem snapshots. These 
are indepentend of the backup program, meaning you can mount the snapshot 
somewhere and do with it whatever you like. At least on Linux, you can 
have multiple snapshots at the same time, which makes up a kind of backup 
system itself.

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