Does rsync 2.6.9 works for resource forks in Mac OS X

Matt McCutchen matt at
Sun May 18 02:53:34 GMT 2008

On Sun, 2008-05-18 at 02:35 +0000, JanakiRam wrote:
> I've downloaded the rsync 2.6.9 version and using it to perform backup
> to my server. My doubt is when i try to copy a file Does rsync is
> capable of copying the resource forks of that files as well ?

Since version 10.4, the Mac OS X filesystem exposes resource forks as
extended attributes, so you need an rsync that is capable of copying
extended attributes (the -X option).  A copy of rsync 2.6.9 that
includes the xattrs.diff patch can do that, but you may have better luck
with a standard rsync 3.0.* version, which has improved and
better-tested extended attribute support.

For Mac OS X older than 10.4, Vitorio Machado made a modified version of
rsync 3.0.0 that uses Mac APIs to access resource forks, but YMMV:

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