rsync --files-from option file with a custom Delimiter

JanakiRam palepu_janakiram at
Sun May 18 02:35:15 GMT 2008

Hi All,

I'm new to rsync usage in Mac OS X. I'm having a strange issue with --
files-from option.

I'm providing the --files-from to provide a file , which contains the
list of files separated by newline character , to perform backup
operation.  Especially in Mac OS X , particular tiff bundle files are
having \r as part of the filename.When rsync reads the filepaths using
delimiter \r.Hence my filename is split into 2 strings and finally
getting No Such file or directory error.

Is there any way i can specify the custom delimiter to rsync to read
the file names. Please help me to solve this.

 Thanks in Advance.


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