Mac User FR macuserfr at free.fr
Sat May 17 16:46:50 GMT 2008

Hello all,

I've started a MacOS 10.3 Panther xattr project at the begin of the  
year. There is already some time that I haven't presented a new  
version of rsync10.3xattr_support patch. By this mail I would like to  
present my apologies and officially stop this project for many reasons:

- I'm in a new job and don't need anymore to provide backup solutions  
for 10.3 users;
- I have no time to dedicate to this project now (new priorities);
- 10.3 users become rare... People are upgrading to new macs;
- Many developers stopped 10.3. There are many softwares that asks  
10.4 as a minimum system, and so, 10.3 users are getting blocked by  
all sides. Before a backup system, they need a new OS;
- Mac OS has changed a lot since Panther to Tiger. Implementation of  
Universal binaries, extended attributes, better handling of HFS  
ressource forks on non-HFS Volumes;

Well, I feel like patching extended attributes would not be enough to  
keep functionalities of Panther. To rsync maybe. But then, there will  
no be an Open Office 3 version that runs in Panther, they will be  
blocked sharing files with other people.

This said, rsync10.3xattr_supportv0.5.diff worked fine with  
rsync3.0.0pre10. It should still work with 3.0.2 with just some  
conflicts due to things that went reorganized. The only bug I found on  
this version was a conflict with fileflags. When rsyncing a folder  
with flags and extended attributes (very rare case) it would make an  
error at the first syncing, but would work OK for the next ones. So,  
this wasn't a big issue and I'm not even sure it's fault of the code  
of my patch. This interaction could be originated by fileflags patch...

So, I'm officially leaving this project, but if somebody has still  
interest on this, feel free to contact me for information sharing  
about this. The code is also free to reuse, at the licence you want, I  
donate it for the rsync project, if it could be useful for something.  
So, if you want to get the code, continue the project, make  
modifications, whatever, feel free to do it, I would be glad to  
haven't spent my time for nothing.

I would also thanks everybody who helped me to obtain informations and  
tested things (Matt, Wayne, Robert and I surely miss somebody).

Long life to rsync!


PS: I am detaching myself of the mailing list too, so if you want to  
reply something, don't forget to add my email too.

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