rsyncing a r/o-permissioned tree?

Aaron Davies aaron.davies at
Thu May 15 13:50:49 GMT 2008

Hi, i have a question about rsyncing a tree which is largely
permissioned for read-only access(444/555, etc.). I have a production
environment which is mostly kept in r/o to make it harder to screw up,
but parts of it are sometimes manually worked on (in emergencies,
etc.). I need to maintain a remote mirror of this, and I would like to
do it with the same permissions as production, but I've been getting
permissions errors whenever rsync tries to delete something from the
remote mirror that has been deleted on the master (also when it tries
to set the group for some new files). (The rsync is running as the
owner of the files.) Is there a way to make rsync aware that it's ok
for it to do whatever permission raising is necessary in order to
delete files, chgrp them, etc.? Alternatively, if I chmod -R u+w the
remote mirror, will rsync change the permissions back to match prod
next time i sync?
Aaron Davies
aaron.davies at

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