link-dest on mac with samba share

Ramkumar Santoshi ramkumar.santoshi at
Mon May 12 07:34:27 GMT 2008

Hi all.

I did some testing and had rsync backup a folder, and then hard link files
when doing incremental backups.

The problem now is that it doesn't seem to work when the destination and
--link-dest is a samba share.

On the local machine, it worked all ok, but since changing the destination
to the samba mount (/Volumes/our.backup).

I am using rsync 3.0.2.

The error i get is:
rsync: link "/Volumes/our.backup/today/CentOS-4.5-i386-binDVD.iso" =>
/Volumes/our.backup/yesterday/CentOS-4.5-i386-binDVD.iso failed: Operation
not supported (45)

i try to link the file manually, and it doesn't work, so i guess this means
it's more a OS X issue (or samba?) than an rsync issue.

Just curious if anyone else out there has a work around for it.

the rsync line i try is:
rsync -ahvi --modify-window=1 --delete --stats --timeout=360
--link-dest=/Volumes/our.backup/yesterday /Volumes/Data

Any advice?

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