odd behavior on remote

George Georgalis george at galis.org
Thu May 8 15:52:08 GMT 2008

I've been using rsync for some time (years) to generate
many hardlink snapshots per day; but I'm seeing an odd
new problem today.

the remote/destination host gets a file list from the
source machine via ssh, and begins to write files until
it "hangs". On this run only one file was transferred; on
other runs many screenfulls went across

+ rsync --recursive --links --perms --times --group --owner --devices --specials --numeric-ids --protocol=29 --verbose --progress --exclude tmp --exclude *.tmp --exclude spool --exclude *.core --exclude *.boot --exclude *.filepart --exclude *.lock --exclude *.nobak --exclude .RDATA --exclude /repo --exclude /sandbox --exclude /soft/dist --link-dest=/ub0/bk/1/2008.04.29.0010.00//center //center/ lou.grid://ub0/bk/0/2008.05.08.1051.49//center/
building file list ...
580347 files to consider

the dest host is rsync  version 2.6.9  protocol version 29
and the source host is rsync  version 2.6.9  protocol version 29

in the above run I specified the protocol because I
assumed the src host had a newer version. the src host
has just been setup, but the destination host has been
receiving these snapshots for a while.

After the hang, the destination host seems in perfect
order (no login or disk or observable problems). I see
the ssh connection from source to destination is still
open but the remote rsync pids have all ended with no
indication of error -- there is no rsync in the process
tree at all; below, the rsync shell is/was 26770, now
with no children...

 | | |-+= 03778 root sshd: root at ttyp0 
 | | | \--= 17062 root -ksh 
 | | \--= 26770 root sshd: root at notty 
 | |-+= 00594 root nfsd: master 
 | | |--- 00475 root nfsd: server 
 | | |--- 00601 root nfsd: server 

The only problem I see with the source host is the rsync
command doesn't complete.  What can I check? What is
going on here???

// George

George Georgalis, information system scientist <IXOYE><

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