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Julian Pace Ross linux at prisma.com.mt
Wed May 7 12:11:24 GMT 2008

Hi List,

I'm observing a strange problem on 2.6.9 (no opportunity to upgrade on both ends yet). 
Receiver is linux, sender is cygwin.

I transferred a 6GB file (an MS SQL .bak file) physically from one site to the other, in order to get the first "backup" done.

In the meantime, the sender generated a new file, which I know for a fact to be very similar to the manually transferred version.

I'm trying to rsync the new file with:
rsync -av --delete --omit-dir-times --chmod=ugo=rwX -b --backup-dir=backup --progress -e "bin\ssh -l user" --files-from=templist "/cygdrive/D/" 217.xxx.xxx.xxx::SQL

The problem is that the file, backup.bak is being transferred from scratch... several hours at the max bandwidth (with no speedup).
I cannot complete the transfer like this, but never in 4 hours did the transfer speed exceed physical network upload limit.

The file is indeed the same one, since it is not being deleted, and in the directory i get:

-rwx------ 1 user users 6351191494  2008-05-06 19:30 backup.bak*
-rwx------ 1 root root     493617152 2008-05-07 12:31 .backup.bak.2UIWpi*

Anyone got a clue to what might lead to this?


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