another iconv question

Robert DuToit rdutoit at
Mon Mar 31 13:54:16 GMT 2008

Hi All,
  I am trying to help my friend set up his rsync with iconv. Presently  
it works fine but re-copies every file with an umlaute in the  
filename. I saw a recent post about this and the fix but...

he ran "locale"  ( both source and dest are on same machine) and is  
running on a German-Swiss locale

xserve-backup-02:/Volumes/Backup RAID 8TB teleclub$ locale

we tried adding option iconv=C and iconv=C,C  but no luck - it still  
re-copies very file with an umlaute.

I checked "iconv --list" on my Mac and see no "C" listed. I am not  
sure if "C" is correct either.


The correct file name would be "Action des Monats für"  
and not "Action des Monats f\#303\#274r"

but the log shows it not translated:

/Volumes/SAN_Video/Final Cut Pro Documents/Capture Scratch/Action des  
Monats/! Render/Action des Monats f\#303\#274r
        32768   0%  344.09kB/s    0:54:11
     42205184   3%   40.25MB/s    0:00:26

Though the actual file name gets copied correctly to dest, obviously  
the mapping (if that is what it is called) is different causing rsync  
to update the file every time.

Any thoughts or direction appreciated. Thanks, Rob D

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