Can the transliteration patch be added to the mainline code?

Randy Orrison rorrison at
Thu Mar 27 07:09:59 GMT 2008

Hi all,

I've just recently started using rsync for backing up systems locally and
remotely and it's very cool.  However, since one of my backup servers is a
Windows 2000 box (using cwRsync), I need to use the transliteration patch
(which allows conversion of characters that are illegal in Windows filenames
into something else before using them).  Is it possible that this patch
could make it into the main code, and (more importantly to me) could it be
added as an option in rsyncd.conf?  I'm actually having trouble using it,
since I want to set it on the server, but haven't found a way to set the
option in the Windows service (I don't have access to the command line for
the daemon).  I've also reported this on the cwRsync forum, but haven't
gotten a reply yet, so I'm hoping one of you may be inclined to implement

If nobody else does it I will eventually set up a build environment to
compile my own cwRsync and modify the rsyncd.conf reading code, but it's a
long way from here to there.


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