Max files/buffer overflow

Brian D. McGrew brian at
Wed Mar 26 00:35:21 GMT 2008

Hello All,

I am having an interesting issue where using the command ‘rsync –avP –e ssh’ seems to want to bail out on filesystems that have more than about 1.2 million files.
Using that same command on smaller filesystems works like a charm!  The server is rsync 2.6.8 protocol 29 and the destination is rsync 2.6.3 protocol 28.  The server is Fedora Core 4 and the client is Mac OS 10.5.2.

What am I doing wrong, how can I get around this.  I have about four million files on a file system that I need to replicate to a disk in this Mac!

Do I just need to upgrade?  Can someone point me to binary packages for Fedora Core 4 and Mac OS 10.5 (Intel)???


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