rsync daemon did not chdir back after chdir in module path

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Tue Mar 25 14:31:47 GMT 2008

On Tue 25 Mar 2008, Ming Zhang wrote:
> Tried to search the list but could not find anything about this.
> I have a rsync daemon running with starting cwd as /usr/local/bin. then
> after some io, and after all io finished, its cwd is /fs1 which is one
> of the module path. now i need to umount fs1 and i can not do it. is
> this a known issue or something worthy fix? not sure what else
> information i need to provide. 

AFAIK the daemon will fork a new process to handle an incoming request,
and that forked process will do the chroot if any. The parent process
will remain whereever it is (starting from / is perhaps advisable), and
after the child process is complete the module directory should not be
in use anymore.

Paul Slootman

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