Issue with rsync 3.0.0 and iconv

Sergi Baila sargue at
Sun Mar 23 18:54:09 GMT 2008

Hello there,

I have a windows box (spanish locale, charset cp1252) which is backup to a
linux server via rsync. Until now I've had problems with file names
containing non us-ascii characters. Since the new stable version of rsync
with support for iconv I've upgraded rsync on my linux (Debian) to 3.0.0 and
also on my windows (cygwin, compiled from source).

It works quite right, getting the proper treatment of file names. But after
a while running I reach a point on the filesystem with this error:

2008/03/23 19:27:37 [3760] received request to transfer non-regular file:
86300 [sender]
2008/03/23 19:27:37 [3760] rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at
rsync.c(298) [sender=3.0.0]

This is the command line from the linux box:

rsync -azP --ignore-errors --password-file=/etc/backup/pcmama.pwd
--delete-after --timeout=300 --iconv=.  --delete-excluded
--exclude-from=/etc/backup/exclude.pcmama bkp at

I've found this post but I've been unable to find any bug related (perhaps I
haven't searched enough).,-using---iconv%3D.-and-(code-2)-and-rsync-3.0.0pre8-td15341068.html

Any idea? Is this a bug?

Thank you.

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