How does flist work

zahed sdzahed at
Sun Mar 23 10:55:48 GMT 2008

> The generator controls the action.  The receiver just reacts to the data
> that arrives from the sender (which tells it what file to recreate), and
> the sender is reacting to the data the comes from the generator.

Thanks wayne.

So, It would be right to assume that receiver, which is reacting to the
sender's flow of data, is infact reconstructing the files in the same order
that the generator had generated the sums.

And could you tell me why do both receiver and generator have to receive the
file list. If receiver is reacting indirectly to the flow controlled by the
generator, then wouldnt it have been better to have the generator send the
flist directly to the receiver, rather than making the sender send it across
the network. 

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