Suggestions for basic rsync configuration

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Thu Mar 20 16:23:26 GMT 2008

On Thu 20 Mar 2008, Peter Heiss wrote:

> >> # rsync -zav --progress root@<remote-server-ip>::realperson
> >> /random/file-or-directory
> >> rsync: failed to connect to <remote-server-ip>: Connection timed out
> >> (110)
> > 
> > A timeout would indicate a firewall problem, the rsync port (873) is
> > probably not allowed.
> > 
> Yes I understand that ssh is not involved anymore here. I opened up the port
> on the firewall, so that problem is out of the way. The weird thing is that

Well, I must disagree :-)  A timeout on one port while another port
connects fine is a firewall problem... Maybe the _outgoing_ firewall is
the cause?

> when I use the following command I dont get an error, I only get the timeout
> when i use the daemon to connect the remote server:
> # rsync -zav <remote-server-ip>:/random/file-or-directory/
> /random/file-or-directory/
> Password: 

So port 22 is allowed to connect, while port 873 is not.

Paul Slootman

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