Suggestions for basic rsync configuration

Peter Heiss pete.heiss at
Thu Mar 20 15:42:01 GMT 2008

Paul Slootman-5 wrote:
>> # rsync -zav --progress root@<remote-server-ip>::realperson
>> /random/file-or-directory
>> rsync: failed to connect to <remote-server-ip>: Connection timed out
>> (110)
> A timeout would indicate a firewall problem, the rsync port (873) is
> probably not allowed.

Yes I understand that ssh is not involved anymore here. I opened up the port
on the firewall, so that problem is out of the way. The weird thing is that
when I use the following command I dont get an error, I only get the timeout
when i use the daemon to connect the remote server:

# rsync -zav <remote-server-ip>:/random/file-or-directory/

With this command I can transfer files without any errors, it works
perfectly. But when I use call the daemon on the remote server, it just sits
there and does nothing until the connection times out. I haved double
checked the firewall and everything is set up the way it should be. here my
config files just in case there is something wrong with them (they look
right ok to me):

uid = root
gid = roots
read only = true
use chroot = true
transfer logging = true
log format = %h %o %f %l %b
log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log
hosts allow = *
slp refresh = 300

        path = /srv/www/vhosts/rsync/backup_out
        comment = Verzeichnis fuer rsync
        auth users = root
        secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets

Is there anything else that I can do here?

[EDIT: I forgot to say that I will not be back until next tuesday. I will
get back to this then... Happy Easter!!!]

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