Bad habits

Jamie Lokier jamie at
Thu Mar 20 12:36:27 GMT 2008

Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > Hence it doesn't make much sense to cc directly; respond to the mailing
> > list and the response should reach the persons concerned.
> which gets back to the point of expecting people to be fully aware of the 
> mailing list policy.  many contributors are subscribed to many mailing lists 
> which may all have different policies.  dropping the TO/CC lists on *this* 
> mailing list may be ok (assuming that non-subscribers get automatically 
> dropped and such postings will not get moderated through), but may not be ok 
> on many others.  

For example, on linux-kernel, one is _expected_ to reply to the list
_and_ include people on the Cc list.  The reason is probably due to
high volume.  Nobody can keep up with all of that list (and get any
work done), and therefore check for replies to things they've posted.
So the Cc is a way to get directly relevant replies to people's main
inbox (instead of their list inbox), where they are more likely to see
it.  Same goes for non-replies which are relevant to specific people:
it's common to write to the list _and_ specifically relevant people
when starting a thread.

> > Actually I don't mind too much getting CC's, I just delete those
> > directly when I find a response to this list in my normal inbox.
> > It's just unfortunate if someone just replies to me and not to the list
> i havent noticed a problem myself ... but i employ sane filtering

Exactly.  Filtering removes the duplicates (if you want), as they have
the same Message-Id, but you still get to distinguish messages which
are replies to topics you've got involved in from generic list
postings, which you might not have time to look at.

> > I find those people who "protect" their mailbox with a
> > challenge-response system and subsribe to mailing lists a far bigger
> > irritation. Luckily hasn't happened on this list yet AFAIR.
> indeed.  those people should get shot.

I don't condone violence.  So I would go for cutting off their
internet connection until they've passed their internet driving test :-)

-- Jamie

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