rsync --server -e VERSION issue

Olivier Thauvin nanardon at
Wed Mar 19 18:55:53 GMT 2008

It seems latest rsync pass -e to the remote server to specify rsync client is 
a preversion (A thing I understand because -e works on all rsync version). 
However, this cause problems on server having options restriction, like 
denying -e because it allow to execute any command on it.

So I suggest this patch to limit effect to unstable version of clients.



Index: options.c
--- options.c
+++ options.c   2008-03-19 18:38:56.000000000 +0100
@@ -1837,14 +1837,14 @@

        /* We make use of the -e option to let the server know about any
         * pre-release protocol version && some behavior flags. */
-       argstr[x++] = 'e';
+       argstr[x++] = 'e';
        if (protocol_version == PROTOCOL_VERSION) {
                x += snprintf(argstr+x, sizeof argstr - x,
                              "%d.%d", PROTOCOL_VERSION, SUBPROTOCOL_VERSION);
        } else
                argstr[x++] = '.';
        if (allow_inc_recurse)
                argstr[x++] = 'i';
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