rsync fails to exclude... sometimes?

rdwyer rdwyer at
Wed Mar 19 17:11:52 GMT 2008

Hello List.
I am using rsync to pull html files from a shared drive to 2 web server
boxes to keep the files synchronized.

However, I have a few files I do not want rsync to copy over because they
contain information specific (IP address) to the box hosting them.

Rsync seems to intermittently ignore the exclude statement and copies them
from time to time.  Is there a way to absolutely prevent rsync from copying
a specific file in a directory where every file but that one is to be

My rsync statement complete with exclude looks like this:

rsync -avz --delete --update --stats
-e ssh my_user at nnn.nnn.nn.nnn:/Web_Files/Domains/source_of_files/

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