static compile of rsync

Lopez David E David.Lopez at
Tue Mar 18 17:12:21 GMT 2008

I've looked at the last 6 months on the list and did
not find any reference on how to static compile of
rsync. I looked at the ./configure --help with no luck.

I'm on solaris 2.8 using gcc 4.1.1. when I run thru the
process (./configure; make; make install) and run 
ldd rsync, I get a list of 10 or so I'm
compiling rsync-3.0.0.

I need to distribute the rsync pgm to 25 hosts scattered
around the globe. do not want any dependencies. 

can any one help?


David Lopez
org: fsl->tso->dsn tech->tools&meth->t&m interfce->csam
phone: 480-413-6251
email: r9374c at 

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