AW: rsync Windows UNC

Matt McCutchen matt at
Mon Mar 17 18:18:08 GMT 2008


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On Mon, 2008-03-17 at 17:33 +0100, Kalb Stefan wrote:
> I corrected the path to:
> [nspPR53_so2]
> path = //
> read only = true
> transfer logging = yes
> But no success.
> Error message remains the same.
> Is there a possibility to get some more information on error by setting another loglevel?

Not really.  Rsync running under Cygwin is failing to chdir into the
module, which suggests that Cygwin does not recognize the path.  Getting
a module path that Cygwin likes may take some experimentation, so I
recommend that you install a full Cygwin environment: run and then delete the cygwin1.dll that cwRsync
installed to avoid incompatibilities.  Example 3.11 at:

suggests that you can use the Cygwin "mount" command to make the share
accessible at an ordinary-looking path of your choice and then use that
path.  This way, you won't run out of drive letters.

> Unfortunately I am not able to map the drive to a drive letter because there are plenty of shares (more than letters available)


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