Incremental file updates over a network, NFS?

Andy Smith a.smith at
Mon Mar 17 17:33:06 GMT 2008

Great thnx! No prob to reinstate the forced command in authorized_keys with 
explicit conf=
Ooof, hurt my head working out that I had to put "use chroot = no" if Im not 
using root! lol But
at last its all working!! Thanks alot for all the assistance!!
Once last point, does it make any difference if I push or pull from the 
server side? Im thinking
the only important thing is if you pull you can set the server side 
read-only which is better for
security, that about right??

thanks again! Andy.

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> On Mon, 2008-03-17 at 17:48 +0100, Andy Smith wrote:
>> I've tried implementing this but Im getting a nasty issue, rsync is core
>> dumping on the recieving server (the daemon
>> side).
> Alas, there's a bug in rsync 3.0.0: a daemon crashes unless it is given
> an explicit --config=FILE option.  Either pass the option or upgrade to
> the latest development rsync.
> Matt
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