Incremental file updates over a network, NFS?

Andy Smith a.smith at
Sat Mar 15 18:32:01 GMT 2008

Hey Matt,

  thanks a lot for your detailed and very helpful responces! I must admit 
Ive never come across the ssh force command option
before and with this suddenly I feel much more comfortable with the 
solution! Probably that will work well for me, tho I'd like
to understand the other part of your answer:

> If you don't want to touch the server user's authorized_keys file, you
> could have a separate user accept the ssh logins and either invoke the
> daemon via setuid/sudo or connect to a background daemon on the same
> machine (which works because the protocol is the same for single-use and
> background daemons).

I don't really get what you mean, if another user accepts the ssh logins 
then I need to have an authorized_keys for them??
So theres not an advantage, hence I dont think Im understanding u 
properly... Can you elaborate a little pls??

thanks alot! Andy. 

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