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------- Comment #3 from wayned at  2008-03-15 03:19 CST -------
Rsync does limit its output of changed files when a --link-dest/etc. option is
in effect, making it appear like the copy is updating the alt-dest dir while
really creating a new directory of files.  Delete does not play along with this
extended view of how the copy is working, and indeed, does absolutely nothing
when using --link-dest into an empty directory.

It might be nice to enable such a feature, as that would round out the
augmented-copy effect of the option.  One way to achieve this without much work
at all would be for rsync to do a dry-run delete pass into the last alt-dest
directory that the user provided (either before, during, or after the copying,
as appropriate).  That would generate the output you expect while leaving the
files alone in the other directory.

Perhaps if rsync notices that the destination directory was created by rsync or
is empty, an alt-dest option was provided, and one of the --delete options was
specified (which would normally be useless), then it could output this extra
delete info.

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