DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5324] Reduce the performance penalty of --xattrs on Mac OS X

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------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2008-03-15 03:04 CST -------
Do your files have a lot of differing xattrs?  One thing I never much liked
about the xattrs patch (from the very beginning) is that the code attempts to
do a very simplistic linear search through all the prior xattrs looking for a
matching set of attributes (to share matching attributes between files).  If
your files have a lot of xattr entries, that search will eat up more and more
time as the list of unique attributes grows.

One solution to this might be to create a hash of all the names and xattr data,
and then store the xattrs in a hash lookup.  That should speed things up quite
a bit when the list of unique xattr values grows large.

Note:  if you are using the osx-create-time.diff, please switch to the
crtime.diff instead -- the oxs-create-time.diff patch is known to be slow,
quitely possibly due to the bloating of unique xattr values in the list.

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