Incremental file updates over a network, NFS?

Andy Smith a.smith at
Fri Mar 14 14:00:50 GMT 2008

Ok, thanks for the info. That seems to open up the issue of network security (yes NFS security normally isnt great, but...)

rsyncd native: is this bug free and secure (based on hosts_allow/hosts_deny?), perhaps a good solution with tcpwrappers?
rsh: no thanks
ssh: dont really want to have to put public private keys on systems to allow non interactive logons

Any comments on the above assesment or advise from others regarding security?

thanks Andy.
  Rsync works on a client/server system. So it's recommended to install rsync on both machines (your and the server), so you bypass NFS and connect to the server via rsync protocol. That's the way to use the delta incremental algorithm.
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