Possibile rsync --link-dest or --compare-dest bug

jan jan.alphenaar at dotcolour.com
Thu Mar 13 20:33:42 GMT 2008

Hi all,


I have just migrated my tooling from version 2.6.9 to 3.0.0.


Unfortunately my script generated an error message during the execution.
Because this command was working perfectly in the previous version I suspect
this could be a bug.


This is the command that I am executing:


rsync -av --link-dest=20080313/ --compare-dest=/data/20080313/ 20080313/


It just creates a copy of directory 20080313 to 20080314, but not with an
old fashion copy, but hard linking back to 20080313.


This is the error it is producing:


=== BEGIN SNIP ===

-bash-3.1$ rsync -av --link-dest=20080313/
--compare-dest=/data/BOC55/20080313/ 20080313/ /data/BOC55/20080314/

sending incremental file list

created directory /data/20080314

--compare-dest arg does not exist: 20080313/                      <== ERROR


sent 128478 bytes  received 1512 bytes  3767.83 bytes/sec

total size is 659198008  speedup is 5071.14

=== END SNIP ===


The weird thing is (besides the error message) that is works perfectly.


Should I create a bug for this ? Or do I need to change the command syntax ?


Any help is appreciated.


Warm regards,



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