Suggestions for basic rsync configuration

Geofoxer pete.heiss at
Thu Mar 13 12:39:40 GMT 2008


I am very new to rsync and am wanting to have it back up more than 4 remote
linux servers via ftp. I want to write a script that will open up a ftp
connection using "" with a server,
then mount the drive containing the backups, copy the data that is new,
unmount the drive, close the connection and move onto the next server until
every server is successfully backed up to a external drive on my linux
machine which is on my local network. I know that I have to use ssh with the
connection to the servers for backup, but where to start is where I am at
right now. Here are a couple of noobish questions:

1. Do I have to write my own file from scratch and hope it works?
2. How should I start to write my file in order to have it correlate with
backing up multiple servers (syntax, switches, and so on)?

If anyone has any advise on how I should start writing my config file,
please let me know if you have any suggestions. 



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