syncing multiple instances of code in same tree

jolszews johno at
Tue Mar 11 19:42:11 GMT 2008

Hi - rsync newbie here.

I have a situation where I have multiple instances of CMS website code
living in the same root directory and having parallel dir structures, so
something like this:


each instance_n has the same directory structure and owns the same files for
the most part with small isolated customer additions (image files, etc.).

I'd like to sync all instances from an updated version of the code, say,
/my_code/source_code/latest_instance.  My initial thought was to do
something like this:

rsync -v /my_code/source_code/latest_instance/ /my_code/root_dir/*/

but this, of course, doesn't work.

One other wrinkle is that we would like to be able to add additional
instances to the root_dir and have them be automatically sync'd up too.

Is there a way to solve this with rsync?

Thanks in advance.

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