Rsync maintainability

Matt McCutchen matt at
Tue Mar 11 00:59:34 GMT 2008


Hopefully this will turn out to be unfounded like my concern about the
hanging, but...I'm wondering whether anyone other than you understands
the rsync source code well enough to maintain it in the event that, for
some reason, you no longer did.

After two years, I understand some parts of the code pretty well and can
figure out most of the remainder when I need to.  However, there are
some regions, such as the I/O code and the incremental-recursion
file-list code, where my understanding is shaky: while I might be able
to read through them and mostly see what the code is doing, any change I
made might break things in complex ways.  I certainly don't feel that I
could competently maintain those areas of rsync.

I realize that your job is to produce an rsync that works, not
necessarily one that I can understand.  Quite possibly I am just out of
my depth.  Is there someone else listening who would be able to maintain


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